4 Reasons Your Small Business Needs a Recruitment Agency

If you are a small business it's extra important for you to be using a recruitment agency for your hiring needs. Here are three reasons that small businesses can benefit from outsourcing recruitment processes.

Time constraints

For small businesses with a small number of employees having any roles left unfilled leaves a proportionally higher stress on the remaining employees, as there are less employees to shoulder the extra workload. By using a recruitment agency with streamlined and established process, as well as potentially have an existing lists of potential hires from shortlisted applicants from previous hiring processes you can often fill roles more quickly and get back to your normal business.

Management focus

With a small business the owner must fill many roles in the management team. This means that when they are hiring for new roles and fulfilling the 'human resources' functions they have less time to spend on the operation and support functions of the business. This puts even more pressure on the rest of the team and can increase the chance of important risks and opportunities within the business.

An analytical focus

Surprisingly, 34% of people lie on their resume, so it pays to have an experienced recruiter reviewing applicants and ensuring that work experience, education and background are exactly as they describe can help stop you make a costly hiring mistake. Recruiters are experienced in spotting discrepancies and asking questions that can help reveal potential holes in an applicant's story early on due to the high number of resumes they see each week.

A broader pool of applicants

Recruitment agencies don't need to rely solely on answers to job adds as they can use other sources to contact potential applicants including contacting their broad professional networks, applicants from previous jobs and targeted recruitment ('headhunting'). Not only does this help to fill roles more quickly, but can also help you to target a broader pool of high quality applicants including high quality employees who may be interested in moving to a new role but who are not yet actively applying for new jobs. This can help your business to get ahead by having the highest quality employees.

Using a local recruitment agency can lead to a faster and more accurate hiring process, from a broader pool of applicants. This can help small business owners like you focus on their business and truly prioritise their time as managers.