Why You Should Never “Go It Alone” When Importing New Products

If you are a distributor of products, you may have done particularly well in business and expanded into all four corners of Australia. However, you are always on the lookout to expand and now realise that you need to be looking overseas for additional opportunities in terms of sourcing goods for sale. Why does this require a different type of mindset and what do you need to be wary of, as you investigate your options?

It's Going to Be Different

While the different states and territories around this country have their own unique challenges when it comes to distribution and sale, it's true to say that the procedures involved are largely the same. When you consider importing goods for distribution and sale, however, this is where the familiarity ends.

Navigating Stormy Seas

Quite apart from the challenge of finding foreign partners who are reliable and trustworthy, you need to be able to navigate all the red tape that is associated with international distribution. You need to do a lot of market research and will have to deal with many different cultural barriers and language issues. Remember, overseas governments are likely to impose certain taxes on your activities and locally, you will be expected to pay additional import duties and other tariffs when bringing in all your new "stuff" to these shores.

Changing Mindset

As a consequence, if you are to take advantage of the undoubted opportunities in the global marketplace, you have to develop a global mindset, as well. You may have been used to doing a lot of the donkey work yourself domestically but should definitely engage experts to help you as much as possible in the New World.

Bringing in the Pros

In particular, you should look for a customs clearing service that is very experienced in your field. This means that they have knowledge of the process involved to import your products, as well as experience of the export country. This will undoubtedly make it a lot easier for you and ensure that there is an expert pair of eyes to help you in the early days.

Making Fewer Errors

In the real world, every organisation makes a certain number of mistakes as it expands and takes advantage of new opportunities, but you need to contain these errors as much as possible. Get in touch with a knowledgeable customs agent as soon as you begin your research, so you can avoid some of the bigger missteps and take full advantage.