4 Reasons Your Small Business Needs a Recruitment Agency

If you are a small business it's extra important for you to be using a recruitment agency for your hiring needs. Here are three reasons that small businesses can benefit from outsourcing recruitment processes. Time constraints For small businesses with a small number of employees having any roles left unfilled leaves a proportionally higher stress on the remaining employees, as there are less employees to shoulder the extra workload. By using a recruitment agency with streamlined and established process, as well as potentially have an existing lists of potential hires from shortlisted applicants from previous hiring processes you can often fill roles more quickly and get back to your normal business. Read More 

What Is A Handover Report And Do You Really Need One?

Having your own home built from the ground up is an exciting project to undertake, but it's not without its stresses.  How can you be sure that the quality of your building contractor's work is up to scratch and that your new home is safe and sound?  The only way to be sure of this is by having your new-build inspected by a company like Jeffrey Hills and Associates and noting the comments given in the consultant's handover report. Read More 

What You Need to Know About Acoustical Engineering in Your Building

Acoustical engineering refers to the features of a building that affect the overall sound quality of the interior. Since sound is conducted by waves through the air, the materials of a building will affect sound quality, volume and how far sound travels before those waves are absorbed into the walls and other surfaces. Acoustical engineering is very important for any structure, but especially for a building that is used to host concerts and other such shows, and where instruments are played such as in a church. Read More 

Accident Or Not? Find Out What Happened Through Metallurgy Investigations

When accidents happen to people, forensic investigations are carried out to find out what really happened. In the same way, forensic metallurgy investigation seeks to establish the root cause where metallic structures or products are involved. Was it an accident, was it a criminal act, was it a design flaw, could it have been sabotage? Metallurgy engineering investigation answers all these questions so that you can know the truth. Read on to learn more. Read More